Monday, December 4, 2023
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Adult Cicada Control Treatment   
Cicadas are not popular because of their sounds and Larvae that eat plants. There are many chemicals of the market that can deal with Cicadas effectively. These chemicals are divided into liquids and sprayers. There is also a nature born control called Cicada Killer Wasps, you may read about it more under “cicada Wasp” section of this site.

There are many liquids on the market, we will mainly concentrate here of two chemical agents that deal with Cicadas and that are on the market. Among most famous once are “Bifen” which is odorless chemical and usually mixed with water and sprayed. Another good chemical is “Permethrin” which is toxic to Cicadas as well as Honey Bees and other beneficial insects. For many insects, concentrations of less than one part per billion are lethal.

Liquids are good but difficult to apply. As an alternative you may use dust. There are several chemicals such as “Permethrin Dust” which we talked about before. The only problem with this fairly safe chemical is that it does not last for long time and has to be reapplied in the area. There is a good alternative called “Delta Dust” that lasts longer and deals with Cicadas as effectively.

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